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just receive my fill up. Scott the driver was very courteous & gave us great service. Thanks to all for keeping us warm in the wake of a cold snap. Neil Fritz

NEIL FRITZ   02/16/2015

Went to thrifty last year and bought my own tank. What a great company compared to the thieves i had before (guess who?). If your not with thrifty i feel bad for you make the change asap.

J Takacs   05/20/2014

I had some call back and customer service concerns when I decided to go with Thrifty. From the time Jamie called and set up appointments, everything when very smooth and timely. Mike did a superb job at setting the tank and Chris as well on fill up. Both were "very" informative and customer oriented . Please pass this on the your management as these people should be recognized for a great job. Jerry Savaloja Walton KY

J SAVALOJA   04/28/2014

We used another supplier for years and this is the second year of using Thrifty. We use to fill our tank 5-6 times a year, using Thrifty we only fill 3-4 times depending on the winter. We always had a horrible film on our window and when I washed them it was black, not now. Our home use to be cold when heating, using Thrifty our home is toasty warm. Clothes dry in half the time in the dryer. We are amazed by the difference in the quality of propane. We love everyone at Thrifty Propane and we can't say enough good about them The pre buy is great and what we have saved is amazing. We tell everyone to switch to Thrifty. Thank you Thrifty Propane

Susan Cieslak   04/14/2014

Wanted to let everyone out there know that this company is the real deal! I was a bit skeptical because I never heard of them before. Their prices were almost HALF of what everyone else was charging. That's right I said HALF! Delivery was only 3 business days after payment. I have a 1000 gallon tank and do some very serious shopping around when I need fuel. They beat all the local competition hands down. While everyone else in my area was charging $3.00 or more/gal, Thrifty was only $1.89. Only downside was that I was limited to getting only 400 gallons which is ok because I know where I will be shopping when I need a fill this fall!

Alan Baker   03/14/2014

I just wanted to say a very warm "Thank you" to the delivery supervisor, Mark Hamrick. He definitely went above and beyond when my tank was empty. He even called me from his home after hours to made sure that my tank got filled as quickly as possible. He also called back to confirm that the delivery was made and kept in contact me to update me on the progress. He also personally fixed a delivery mistake where the wrong location information had been given to a driver. He should be commended on his great customer service and for really going above and beyond to help his customers. He is definitely an asset to your company and should be commended for his hard work. Thanks. Linda

Linda   03/12/2014


JAMES WHITEHEAD   03/11/2014

I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post.

goedkope nike air max   03/09/2014

We just wanted to say what a help Brad x732 was this evening in explaining our options and helping us with the pre-buy. Your company time and time again has shown excellent customer service and quality product and people. We tell everyone about you! Please expand to VA for when we retire! Thanks again!

David & Jennifer Tingley   03/07/2014

Well, I just made a prebuy for my 500 gal tank for the first time with Thrifty. Even with the fee's and tax, the cost per gal with Thrifty was $2.00 per gal BELOW the company I had been told to use before this winter hit (we bought the house in Nov 2013). I did call around to shop prices this time and Thrifty was still $1.00 cheeper than the lowest I could find. I see in the other comment that Thrifty has better quality of gas as well....That remains to be proven to me but I will repost next year with my findings. Customer service with "Reno" was also fantastic!!

Patricia Crain   02/21/2014

We were having the coldest few weeks of the winter, when our propane tank ran empty. I called for a delivery, but they told me it would be a few days because they were extremely busy. I told them that my tank ran empty and that we had no heat. The very next day, Thrifty delivered propane and warmed or house back up! We can't thank Thrifty enough! Thank You......

Shaun   02/10/2014

Six months ago I was referred to Thrifty for their price by my brother in law. I kept putting off calling them, I never want to change things, and thinking that because my current supplier is the largest in the nation, and out of Valley Forge, PA., that with supplies short they would be much more able to supply me. Since I was on automatic delivery by my former company, I did not check my tank until it was down to 10% I called them and they kept stalling and stalling. Yesterday I called Thrifty. Although they promised delivery by 5 working days, the propane was delivered the next morning, less than 24 hours after I called. Plus they were cheaper. Plus it was easy to get through to them. Whatever reason you have for not calling Thrifty you are wrong.

Dave in Baltimore   01/31/2014

What an awesome company.... delivered propane on a Sunday to keep us from running out while trying to keep up with the demand during the shortage. This is very impressive and another reason why this company is impressive. I recommend them to everyone.

Don and Staci ketchum   01/26/2014

Hi: We just signed up with you guys Tuesday morning because we had problems with our previous supplier, who had bought out another company we were with. They were totally unwilling to bend their new policies. You guys worked with us despite our limited resources. We were out of propane and even though you only promised that you could get us a delivery by Thursday afternoon and that's all we paid for in terms of an additional fee, you actually delivered it on the same day we placed the order! WOW! We were floored! If only half of what I read on your website about the quality of your product and how much hotter and longer it burns turns out to be true, because of the customer service, we should be with Thrifty for quite awhile. M Dion

M. DION   11/20/2013

My 500 gallon tank was delivered today. It was a nice experience. The gentleman that set and connected my tank was Tim Shearer. He did a great job. Tim was more concerned about my yard than I was. He was afraid to leave ruts with his truck. When I inquired as to his background, I discovered he had landscape experience. He offered some great pointers regarding the beds around my home. Thanks Tim! Regards, Morgan

M Timberlake   11/19/2013

In past years when ordering propane from other companies I would always get sick with a respitory problem. I did not realize that it was the propane. Every since we have ordered our propane from Thrifty I have not had the problem. I used to get black stuff on the bottom of my pots and pans too and that is not happening anymore either. We have told our neighbors and friends to call Thrifty for there next fill up ! Great Service also ..... thank you

Ellen fannin   08/15/2013

Second year with Thrifty. Great price and product. Wanted to make sure management acknowledges Kelly at ext: 714 for "customer service" above and beyond. I placed an order 2 business days before circumstances dictated a change to that order. Kelly worked for 30 minutes to accommodate me "the customer" and cancel the first order and create a second. The delivery time delay was not an issue for me. I could tell Kelly was doing something that went against normal policy and probably caught some flak for doing it. She should not. This type of dedication to "the customer" is what will eliminate "churn". Management knows what I mean. Because of this dedication even if more local providers could beat the Thrifty price by a slim margin I will stick with Thrifty. I know they can't beat the "customer service". Thank you again Kelly. Hope I didn't get you into trouble and hope to talk with you next year for my annual fill up.

Jeff Thomas   07/23/2013

Filled our tank, for second year in row from Thrifty. The driver, was the same as the first time... Very very nice man. They came to fill us, very quickly once ordered. We had been with another company for years, but not any more. You need to try Thrifty. It is as they say it is. This propane is better fuel,no doubt about it. Lasts longer, burns cleaner. Thanks again. We appreciate you very much.

Debra in Ohio   07/04/2013

1st let me say---thanks thrifty. I was in the heating business for 40 years and very thankful we found thrifty. I have converted many of my family members to thrifty. Yes it's true-it does burn longer and the price is always great. Did away with Amer-Gas prices of $3 or more. It's a no brainer---GO WITH THRIFTY

Robert Ondo   06/27/2013

If you live in Westmoreland county and are unsure of Thrifty, ask to have anything done by Driver/Installer, George Casoni. He installed a 1000 gallon tank for us and I couldn't thank him enough. It was a pleasure working with him representing this company. Scott and Dee (customer service reps) also helped very much in this transaction. I waited 12 years to switch and so glad George came that day! Great employee's make great company's! Buy Thrifty

MARK SQUILLACE   05/14/2013

Haven't even had my tank or propane delivered yet and Scott has already provided the best customer service I've ever received over the phone! He even called me back after my initial order to add an available discount. I'm already recommending Thrifty to my family and friends. Thank you!

Dave in Ohio   04/23/2013

I have a large house and always used 2 fills in the winter which is about 1,500 gallons. The major supplier I used was 2x the price of Thrifty (literally). I was sekptical of a lower price better quality propane but here it is at the end of winter and I only used 1 tank. Between the price difference and 1 less fill my savings are in the thouands $$. Thrifty delervered quickly with no hassles. I'm telling everyone about you!!

Rich Jones   04/13/2013

Cheapest price around. Delivered in 5 days. I had no issues.

Kevin   03/24/2013

well I used only thrifty propane this entire winter and have a big old house that is well insulated,previous years required at least 2 tanks of propane,this has been a really long winter its almost over and my original fill from last june is at 20% this proves how much longer lasting thrifty is its truly a better fuel and I got it for.99 a

george in frankfort   03/24/2013

We just want to say Thank you for the Great Service and promptness!! You guy's are Wonderful and really saved us a bunch of worries when our tank was down below 10%. Not to Mention the Best Quality Propane at the least cost as well as your customer service and promptness. We look forward to doing buisness with you for many years to come...

Bert & Cheryl Thompson   03/05/2013

Thank you for delivering my propane the day after I called because it wasn't delivered within 5 business days from the original order date. I typically do not call and order fuel when my tank is at 5% but just forgot to check it. My tank was at 0% on the day you came but there was enough gas in it for the pilot lights to stayl lit on the water tank and furnace. I apologize for getting upset but was frustrated at time.

debbie smith   01/15/2013

Thank you thrifty I just want everybody to know Thrifty came through for me. I did wait two weeks but it was worth it, and I was skeptical about them. I want to tell everyone, not only did they give me a good price, but there is no denying it it's better propane. I've been getting my propane off a Major Major supplier, get it? and I've been getting greasy as totally empty when Thrifty came to fill it, and w we used the stove with the new propane it was nice and blue and not any residue on the pots and pans, I was amazed.I was since talking to another supplier about their product, and they, being aware of thrifty since I asked about the quality of their product proceeded to tell me that it all came out of the same pipeline,i.e. that thrifty's claim was false. I'm so glad I tried thrifty, and I didn't get this run around that you usually get from the propane companies, like all this personal information about what you use propane for whose tank is it, and we have to come out to check

victor jackson   12/06/2012

Tina has been a tremendous help with our purchase of propane tanks. She is superb at customer service and attention to detail. Her personality is infectious...always cheery and eager to help answer any questions and any she couldn't, she got answers for us very quickly. We have had such a positive experience with Thrifty Propane, and it is because of Tina! Thanks Tina...Thrifty is so lucky to have you as an employee! We look forward to continue working with you, and we will refer you to friends, businesses, and neighbors.

Christine Mazzola   11/29/2012

I bought my tank from thrifty last year,leased from a local co. before that,the tank, your service and your product is the best I have ever had,I filled with thrifty this summer but before doing so I checked prices at every other supplier in my entire district, my old supplier said well how much is thrifty and it was less than 1/2 he said it aint possible, I actually drove and showed him my thrifty envoice and then I said its pure HD5 too is yours? smoke that in your pipe! thrifty's people are as nice as can be,thanks ....

George Quire   10/22/2012

I guess there is only one Windy, so this is for you Windy. A big thank you for putting up with all the questions, and at various times. Windy would take the time and get all the answers to all my questions; very customer service related person. And definitely not a dry person. Not an overly serious person, takes the time with the customer, and can laugh while doing business. Wish I would have made this move earlier this year. Looking forward to my delivery. Wonder how far a dozen of donuts would go!!

Tom Carr   10/15/2012

A big thanks to Windy and Thrifty for great service and a great product. The short wait I experienced on the phone was well worth the price and service Windy provided, I could hear the smile in her voice. This is my second year with Thrifty and I know I'll be back next year. Sincerely, Ken

Ken Bryan   10/09/2012

We just received our first delivery of propane. The truck showed up when promised, the driver was polite and professional and best of all the price was almost 1/2 of the "contract providers" We received 1,400 gallons and saved about $1,000. Now I can spend that savings on a ski trip this winter.

paul   09/25/2012

We just became acquainted with Thrifty Propane, I was a bit nervous, as we had dealt with another company for years, however the ordering was easy, the people were very helpful. The truck arrived as scheduled, and the driver was very helpful and very nice. I am not sorry, I called them. We could not be any happier, and are now dedicated customers of Thrifty Propane. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.

Debra   06/22/2012

Are you intentionally trying to sink the major propane retailers? Your prices are so low it seems like you are just giving it away just to spite the nationwide companies. At any rate, THANK YOU! You are showing propane consumers that paying $4 or even $3 for propane is crazy!!!

David   06/14/2012

I have a lot of equipment that is powered by propane. I typically buy from Thrifty throughout the summer months because they have way better summer prices than the other 2 companies I buy from. They are usually pretty quick on delivery too.

Andrew   05/23/2012

I have to say that I wish that I had heard about you years ago. I leased my tank from another well known propane company in Hocking County because I had been told that it was the only supplier in the area. I am so glad that I found you. With your company, you find out up front what you are paying. I hated the "gotchas" that came with the bill from the other propane company. You thought that you were paying one price (which was completely overpriced to begin with) and then the bill came with all kinds of extra add on fees. Surprise. The last straw was when they charged me for putting way over what my whole tank even holds. NO MORE!!! Thrifty's customer service has been great. You are absolutely right about it burning longer and better. I love you guys. You deliver when you say that you will. You charge what you say that you will charge. And your product is superior. The amount of the fill is also accurate. Keep up the good work.

Linda   05/16/2012

I love Thrifty Propane. Any time I have had to call for propane, they are there the same day or the next day. Unlike other companies who make you wait 7 days to deliver...or else pay a $200 rush fee. Thank you Thrifty Propane.

Jenny Brown   03/26/2012

I really wish we had known about Thrifty years ago...we use 1/2 as much propane, in much colder winters, that we had the first 17 years of propane useage. This is the first propane company that I actually find it a pleasure to do business with. The prior propane companies we used had us paying 3X more each year in propane~~~the propane was much more costly and it did not last as long as Thrifty propane...Best thing we ever did was to buy our own tank, and get away from "contracts" and forced buying of the other propane company!!! Thrifty made this so easy, and pleasant, and so happy I no longer have to struggle with any propane company, and do not feel taken by them...Thrifty deserves your business, they have a superior product at less than 1/2 the cost, and deliver it with total, should have done this a long time ago...too good to be true! Thanks so much Thrifty, keep up the great job!!!

Barb   01/18/2012

Thrifty propane is absolutely the best! After years of tolerating bad service from another company because I was tied to a lease, I started working with Thrifty after buying out the lease. These folks are simply the best! I pre-purchased propane and because Thrifty propane burns so slowly this is my third year and I've still got over have of my propane left!! Their delivery's are always timely, their customer service is great....Thrifty has my highest recommendation!

Joe Kroeschel   10/05/2011

I moved to where I'm now living about 7 years ago. I knew nothing about propane, and asked the previous owner where she bought her supply. I then called Agway, now known as Suburban propane, and used it every year until last year when I began using Thrifty. I did use twice the amount of propane, as I had used in previous years. Perhaps it was colder last year, but the one issue that made me a believer is the fact that every year, when I needed to turn up the furnace, after summer, the furnace pilot light had blown out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to light it myself, so I had a furnace man come every year to relight the pilot. I started using Thrifty last year, and this is the first year that my furnace pilot light continued to burn all summer. Since Thrifty is almost 1/2 the price of Agway, I'm glad that I accidentally found Thrifty. If you are thinking about changing your current dealer...Thrifty is my recommendation!

Terry Weishner   10/04/2011

I bought a tank from thrifty and gary installed it and he really did a good job. the tank looks nice the price was great but the installer went and did an even better job than I expected,I have recommended thrifty to my neighbors..thank you.

george in frankfort ky.   09/15/2011

I have been very pleased with Thrifty Propane. I have been a customer for over 10 years and I will be a customer for life.... Great service, friendly customer service as well.. Yes, they are truly the best!!! And I can say that it does BURN LONGER... I have referred many of my friends.. Thank you Thrifty Propane.....

Tawnya   09/06/2011

Put the excellent price aside...service for tank install was perfect.. have had three other companies in last 15 years and without a doubt this propane burns CLEAN compared to all the others. No residue on windows like others in cold weather. Propane I buy in pre-buy specials is mine and unlike prior company if I don't use the pre-bought amount in a is still my propane at the pre-buy price. Looking for a better propane and company...Thrify is the one I'd choose! Thanks to my son for referring me to them! Dr. Tom Moffitt Hamilton, OH

Tom Moffitt   04/07/2011

i moved to sw florida a year ago from ohio, i have yet to find a supplier who offers the prices and service that thrify has. i hope i will soon see a thrifty propane truck here in florida

jim chetwynd   03/01/2011

At the risk of sounding like a parrot . I have to say that everything you read in all the other testimonials is true . From the winter headaches to lesser usage , to a warmer home with a lower thermostat setting . Above all the staff is in tune with the most important thing to all of us as consumers . Our wallets ! Simply put you get all you pay for and more ! And the the idea that they beat my ( 10 year prefered customer locked price) by 45 cents a gallon ! I will be talking to everyone I know , spreading the word ! In the meantime good luck to you guys and gals at this company .I hope you crush all your competetion in the coming years ! Just by being a company that does it old school american way , when a company and its people let the product and their actions speak for themselves ! Good Luck God Bless. George @ Dee , Rock Creek Oh.

george @dee becar   02/28/2011

I spoke to your customer service people today. And I am not ready to order bot wanted to let you know you have the best prices.

Gerald Longstredth   02/28/2011

Having been ripped off and treated very poorly by my prior propane supplier, I was very hesitant to use Thrify, but I figured at worst I could buy a tank from them and switch to another company if I wasn't satisfied. To echo the statements of many others that have posted here, Thrifty's entire staff from delivery drivers to office personnel have been nothing less than stellar. I went from averaging 1000 gallons a year usage down to 600 gallons with Thrifty. If you consider that my previous supplier's prices were *at least* 1.5 times higher (after fighting with them to get the prices that low), the savings have been astronomical. Keep up the great work Thrifty! Ron Brinker, Richfield Township, OH

Ron Brinker   02/23/2011

Over the years I have tried three different propane companies and I think this post is proof enough what happen with them. I was referred about thrifty from a friend and I haven't looked back since. Great service and fast response! Keep it up Thrifty.

Matt Rajewski   02/13/2011

I didn't have room for everything, Colleen, but I would have needed another 1000 spaces to say all the good things about you and my delivery guy, Chris! Even with everything else Thrifty does for us, guys like you are the company's most priceless assets. I don't know who selects the "customer contact and product delivery" specialists there, but, if you two are truly examples of the quality of the rest of the crew, they are definitely experts in their field! Thank you both for being there to speak to us, and for us. (And for caring enough to repeat infomation to some of us again and again.) I can tell by some of the other testimonials, that I'm not alone in my experiences with you. Thank you so very, very much! Betty in Bath Co. KY

Betty Elliott   01/25/2011

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this since they have begun using Thrifty Propane, but my daily winter headaches, that I've had every year, for over twenty years, disappeared this winter!! (2010-2011) It also is the FIRST winter I've had access to Thrifty Propane!! Coincidence? I don't think so. Nor do I think it's a coincidence that my windows aren't covered with a "film" this winter, again, for the first time. Of course, I, like many, have heard all the "canned" negative responses from Thrifty competitors, but, all I can say is, "Guys, you have DEFINITELY been misinformed!!" Thrifty, PLEASE don't stop delivering in my area!! You have saved me money, kept me warmer, and, for the first time ever, made my winter "pain free"!! I have absolutely no way of expressing how grateful I am, except to say, "Thank you so much for making winter nice for me again!!"And, most importantly, a great big THANKS to Chris, too.......The BEST delivery guy ever!! Betty in Bath Co., KY

Betty Elliott   01/25/2011

I followed thrifty propane truck to get a number. I had never heard of them, but I was so disappointed with the gas companies I had tried. The driver was so nice( when he finally stopped). I called and was so impressed by the low price. I was sceptical but after going on line and reading about the better burning gas, I tried it. It is the only one for me.

cheryl moore   11/22/2010

I received my first tank of Thrifty Propane earlier this fall, and I want to comment on the wonderful people with whom I spoke, the great service, and the outstanding fellow that delivered the gas! They answered all my questions, came up with a delivery and fill-up plan that was perfect for someone on a tight budget, (Like me..), and didn't even act like they were doing me a big favor!! The gentleman who delivered my gas discovered that my gage wasn't working, which made it impossible to fill my tank to the agreed upon level. (It had more of the old gas left in it than it showed.) He stayed here until he could reach the home office and arrange for them to credit me with the amount of gas he couldn't fit in the tank, and explained how I would need to read my gage when it was time for my next fill-up. He then made sure all the information was written on my receipt! I'm IMPRESSED!!! Everyone went WAY up and beyond the call of duty, and I can't say enough!! THANKS THRIFTY!!!!

Betty   10/08/2010

Last summer I had two big surgeries and with the recovery - I totally forgot to buy propane. I generally try to buy it in the summer. Well, on 2/7/10 we ran out!! My house is big (it has two furnaces) and I live in the woods. It was extremely cold - I recall we had a lot of snow and my kid's school was closed the next morning due to bad weather (snow). I called Thrifty and they were great. In less than 24 hours I had propane delivered and my two furnaces going strong. Even with the heavy snow, bad roads and where I live - they came through. I heard a story from a friend at my church that uses a different supplier and they ran out too and it was 10 days before their company got propane to them. That's nuts!! My driveway is 1/2 mile long and the snow drifts real bad and makes it difficult to get back to my house - but Thrifty made it. Thank you Thrifty!! Dennis A. Rathburn, Esq. Ashville, Ohio.

Dennis A. Rathburn, Esq.   08/26/2010

we love thrifty they have the best prices very nice people in the office,and are always quick in getting our propane to us unlike others who will get it there when they get it there,we have never had any problems,i would recommend thrifty and have to everyone i know. thanks thrifty keep up the good work.michele

michele   07/20/2010

I just started using Thrifty last year but so far so good and you can't beat the price.

jim b.   04/26/2010

You guys are the best! Still at 20% after 8 weeks. If we were still with the previous company, we would have been heading on a second fill already. Don't know how you do it, but please don't change!

Harold Gross  

We were very skeptical about ordering propane from someone out of our local service area. Since it appears that our neighbors and friends all order propane from local dealers. But we are very happy that we chose to have Thrifty Propane service or propane needs in 2006/2007. Their office personnel and drivers were very courteous and helpful.

Paul Young  

I was very pleased with my installation and the driver was very informative. I recommended my neighbor who signed up also and we both received $30 referral discount.

Dottie C  

I just wanted to let you know that since I began with your company I noticed a major difference. I use less propane with you than with my previous company. Your customer service people are very helpful and I am recommending you to my family and friends..thank you so much!!!!!


When I first began hearing about Thrifty Propane I was excited about what I heard. Then I called and spoke with their office personnel and felt lucky to have found them. What a refreshing change from the rude local providers of propane! Prompt service, friendly people that actually talk to you like they care, and great prices have made my many family and friends all switch to Thrifty. We used less gas last year by using Thrifty's LP and saved money all the way around too! With the way fuel costs are rising, every propane company should learn from the way Thrifty is doing to business to help me keep my family warm!

Joe in Fayetteville, Ohio  

since we found Thrifty it has been a pleasure to hear friendly voices on the other end of the phone. with other propane companys they would tell us that they would be out with in 5 bussiness days and maybe with in 2 weeks they would show up when we are almost out. With you all your out when your suppose to be and when we talk to the girls at the office they are so friendly and not with the bad attatudes like the other competitors. Thanks thrifty and keep up the great work. John & Linda from Wooster Oh.

John Hansen  

When we told our normal supplier about the price - they said there is no way and that it was surely a scam. We are thrilled with the service and truly believe that the propane received burned much longer. Thanks Thrifty! We need every break we can get! Rebecca, Lawrenceburg, IN

Rebecca Cepluch  

Your Propane is all that you said it would be, I've only used half of the gas that I would have burned with my old supplier....... Larry Darcy North Canton OH

Larry Darcy  

I tried thrifty propane and I have to say it did make a difference. I've had propane from other companies and the thrifty propane lasted what seemed like twice as long for the same amount. There was less to no odor from my fireplace and I am just pleased as I can be with their service and the quality of the product they deliver. The staff are all courteous and real people who take care of the customers needs and are just nice to talk to. I tell all my friends and relatives to BUY THRIFTY PROPANE if you want a quality product, good service at a great price.

Jeff Clark  

I too have noticed that I use less propane with Thrifty than other suppliers. I also take advantage of Thrifty's convenient prebuy plan so that I do not have a gas bill all winter. With their pricing on the website, it's is so easy to compare the current price vs what I pre-bought it at. If it's less expensive, I pay the current rate. If my prebuy is a better price, I use my prebuy allotment. I currently have over 2 years over prebuy gas available to me...

Rick, Minerva, OH  

Wow! Thanks for being so transparent. I own my tank, and this is the first time I've needed to re-fill it. I couldn't believe how different prices were between companies -- and yours was definitely the lowest. Plus, getting your price was easy with the email feature ... with other companies I had to call and wait on hold. Thanks for bringing the industry into the modern age!

Brett, Versailles, KY  

Today I called and Cheryl was more than patient in helping me understand everything I wanted to understand. I believe that a company like Thrifty Propane is top notch & that customer service like that which Cheryl provided is simply stellar. - Richard P.

Richard Parks  

We've been customers of Thrifty since 2005 and have been continually impressed with the product and, more importantly, the incredible service we've been shown throughout our time with you. I travel extensively and most of the time I am down below a comfortable threshold by the time I place a call for a delivery. The turnaround time is amazing and everybody has been absolutely wonderful, from the office to the delivery drivers!! Fair prices, great people, amazing product.... keep up the good work!!!!

Laura W.  

Wow! You guys are unbelievable.So much so that the company I WAS purchasing from (Rutland Bottle Gas)told me not to believe the price quoted on your website and that if the price was good, I would have to buy quantities of 10,000 gallons or more to get it. I told them that I only had to order a minimum of 250 gals. He then stated that it would take a very long time to deliver it to me.I told him I was quoted a delivery time of less than 5 days. He didn't believe it. You guys then went a step further and delivered it to me within 5 hours of ordering. I KNOW he won't believe that.That was as "above and beyond" as you can get. Thanks so much and I will be ordering from you again. Kelly S.

Kelly Storts  

I couldnt be more happy with Thrifty Propane !! last year I used a whole tank less and it cost less. my house was even warmer. thanks Thrifty Propane

walter ahlbrand  

I am so glad that I ran into your company. Your propane price is 25% less that the local companies in my area. This could save me $400-$500 per year. I've been telling all of my neighbors about you so be prepared for new customers!

Jamie Ward  

I am very happy with the service I get from your staff. Your product seems to be everything you say it is. Proud to be a Thrifty customer!!!!

Tony M.  

I was about to lose the faith that there was any trustworthy companies out there anymore but Thrifty has restored that. Chery too helped me out when I had none from my current company of almost 15 years (Amerigas). Thrifty is the best, great prices, customer service and courteous/helpful drivers. Thank YOU!! West Milton, OH

Debra Walker  

I received my first delivery from Thrifty Propane today, and I was extremely pleased with my service.


Having been ripped off by another propane company I placed a call to Thrifty for a new tank and fill. The office staff are helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. The two guys who came to install my tank were nothing short of fantastic, with a quick and efficient install, able to answer my dumb questions and checked my furnace was up and running too. Amazing service and at an industry smashing price. Nobody comes near on quality and value. The quality of the propane is also very easy to see as the flames on my gas hob now burn clean and blue, unlike the orange flickering from the previous firm. I recommend you to everyone I know that uses propane as I also want them to share in the huge benefits that I now enjoy. Thanks Thrifty, keep up the good work. Rik B, Centerburg.

Rik B  

Without a doubt you always have the lowest price and your propane burns hotter ,cleaner, and longer than anyone else i've tried and I have been talking you up to everyone I know that uses propane. I am very satisfied with your product and your service has been prompt.Other compenies I used I went through gas very quickly and My valaves would freeze up and I would have to pour hot water on them to thaw them to let the gas flow and this in the middle of the night. I am very glad you sent me a flier in the mail and I gave you a try. I generally don't give testamonies but I am just that satiisfied I felt compelled to do so in your case. Thanks for the great service Chris in licking couny

Chris, licking county  

I have been a customer of Thrifty Propane for at least 3-4 years! Before Thrifty I had been with 3 other companys. All of which had errors in my billing, delayed deliveries, hard to reach a person at their offices, etc. I own my own tank so I had the privledge of shopping around for prices. Thrifty is definately the best! On time always, friendly & courteous, correct billing all the time....NO complaints. I even know the propane seems to last longer. Thanks Thrifty for being the BEST! Brenda J. 02-02-2010


We live out in the country were the wind blows and and gets cold we started using Thrifty Propane three years ago now we can set our heating stat. at 70 and still save money due to the high quality of Thrifty Propane we used other local suppliers and used two to three times more propane each year THANK YOU !! Thrifty Propane.

Thomas Mead  

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